Saturday, May 7, 2011

The eve of another Mother's Day

   Well, there comes a time when, as much as I've thought of myself as a techie person, I've finally decided to start blogging my I see it and have seen it.  I might talk about today.  I might talk about yesterday and how it has influenced today.

   Today is the eve of Mother's Day.  It is my nineteenth motherless Mother's Day. 
   I think that I think about my mom every day.  Sometimes I see her in someone's smile, or the twinkle in someone's eyes.  Sometimes I see her in the clothes someone is wearing.  Or, I catch a glimpse of the back of her long, soft, brown hair.  I often hear her say "Everything's going to be alright". 
  But, when I see and hear her the most is when I am at church.  I hear her singing and smiling and caring for people.  I have this gift of my mom still with me.  It is a bittersweet gift. 
  Tomorrow I won't go to church because I pretty much spend days such as Mother's Day crying when I go to the place where I see and hear her most vividly.  Instead, I will go to the beach where mom and I used to walk and skip rocks and laugh.  And, if I cry...she'll understand.



  1. Oh Sista Ree..... I love your blog and your heart and your thoughts....You were such a good daughter to mom and I know she loved you so very much. You had a special friendship with her.
    I hope you skip lots of rocks tomorrow and laugh...and it is okay if you cry....
    I love you, Sista Te

  2. Ohhh Wee,

    Grandma is probably really smiling at you through those people.. Smiling to let you know she loves you and is proud!! I would walk with you on the beach tomorrow and cry with you!! I love you so much and am so glad you are my auntie!!! I'll be thinking about you tomorrow!!! Xoxo
    - Jess

  3. Have a blessed day, Marie. Your thoughts are a beautiful tribute to your mom.