Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Unknowns

We all face the 'unknowns'.  My biggest unknown right now is: where will I be living and working come fall.  I know I'll have a job and that my bills will get paid and that I won't have to live out of my vehicle (LOL).  But, I don't know where that will be and if I'll have to ship boxes...and possibly my vehicle.  (If I'm going to stay in education, I would prefer to be able to be in Kodiak, AK again.  I love Kodiak!) 

But, maybe it's time for me to venture into something else?  I entertain running my own kennel.  Or, having my own B&B.  Hmmmm....the unknown.

One thing I do know...God has always taken care of me.  And, as I wait for the unknowns to segue into the known I'm enjoying life...and am so glad that I have family and friends in which to share it.